Human Resources for Health

Our Human Resources for Health support is headed by Iornumbe Joseph Usar, MBBS, B.Sc Economics University of Jos, Nigeria; M.Sc Health Economics, York University, UK; PhD Health and Development, Queen Margaret University, United Kingdom.

We deliver cutting edge quality improvement of your health care. We help develop sustainable health systems by offering research expertise focusing on health system strengthening targeting high priority areas of human resources for health as information, planning, production, management and governance, including policy analysis.

We develop practical, realistic and lasting solutions to crucial health work-force problems based on the World Health Organization standard response measures. We do recruitment, training and capacity building for sustainable improvement in health work-force.



  • PROJECT ENGINEER is urgently needed for Immediate Employment at Abuja Location.
  • Job has expired

  • CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY is urgently needed for Immediate Employment at Abuja Location. 
  • Job has expired

  • GRAPHICS & SOCIAL MEDIA EXECUTIVE is urgently needed for Immediate Employment at Lagos Location.
  • Job has expired

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