We have capacity to provide your needed HR Software and Enterprise solutions. SAGE Africa HR and Payroll is our software technology solutions partner so you get the incentive to buy cheaper from us than if you go directly to Sage. We are carefully handpicked and passed rigorous annual certification program to be able to offer you the effective and best desired software technology support.

 But we are not just people selling software.  We are a team of professionals who previously worked in regular HR Management roles and came together to form ACE HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTING. Therefore we are HR experts helping you to apply HR software to align your HR to your business plan for better business growth and success.  We make it our duty to first understand your business needs then help your decision making by recommending the best fit software suite. You get the following benefits:

  • Easy to use - has faster and easier processing through Sage’s real time design.
  • Enables smooth capturing of employees information.
  • It is convenient and includes on-screen payslips.
  • It has user friendly reporting.
  • It has the power of integration (you can extract reports from multiple sources with intelligence reporting module).
  • It integrates with accounting software and clock-card systems
  • It makes managing your employees easy and on-the-go.
  • You are able to have all your HR information at your fingertips and on-the-go.
  • Enables you to create a culture of innovation and efficiency amongst your company’s workforce
  • Enables you increase productivity through effective management of your work force.
  • Better aligns your HR with your strategic business objectives.
  • Enables you generate instant accurate employees' status reports for decision making.
  • Enables you employ the most suitable candidates for your job roles

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  • EXPATRIATE GENERAL MANAGER is urgently needed for Immediate Employment at Port Harcourt Location.
  • Job has expired!

  • HEAD, HUMAN RESOURCES is urgently needed for Immediate Employment at Port Harcourt, Sapele & Warri Location.
    Job has expired!

  •  SUPERMARKET CASHIER, is urgently needed for Immediate Employment at Abuja Location.
  • Job has expired! 

  • SUPERMARKET SUPERVISOR, is urgently needed for Immediate at Abuja Location.
  • Job has expired!

  •  DIGITAL MARKETER, is urgently needed for Immediate Employment at Lagos Location.
  • Job has expired!


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